The state of social entrepreneurship

Seforїs stands for "Social Entrepreneurship as a Force for more Inclusive and Innovative Societies". It is a multi-disciplinary research programme, funded by the European Commission, that investigates the potential of social enterprise in the EU and beyond to enhance the inclusiveness of societies through greater stakeholder engagement, promotion of civic capitalism and changes to social service provision. Seforїs combines insights from policy makers and social enterprise practitioners with cutting-edge academic research to build robust and novel evidence on social entrepreneurship.

We develop theoretical frameworks for inclusion and innovation processes in context, employ novel experimentation with social enterprises, build a unique international database of in-depth case studies, and test and validate conclusion using robust longitudinal survey data.

Project and Objectives Publications & Reports

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The incorporation of LUISS Guido Carli in the SEFORÏS consortium represents an important step in the consortium efforts to spread the SEFORÏS research methodology and project objectives to countries outside of the original set of SELUSI and SEFORÏS countries.

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SEFORÏS is proud to announce an important milestone: we have surveyed over 1.000 directors of social enterprises in China, Russia and the EU.

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The SEFORÏS consortium held a fruitful meeting at Aston University in Birmingham from November 30th to December 2nd. Here's a quick update.

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KU Leuven just finished collecting the data of the biennial Flemish Community Innovation Survey which is part of the pan-European Community Innovation Survey (CIS)

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