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Sustainable Innovation And Entrepreneurship Academy

Professor Johanna Mair gave the presentation Organizational and institutional innovation on and around societal challenges at the Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy in Milano on the 3rd of September 2015. The Sustainable Innovation Academy is a three days gathering that addresses PhDs and young scholars interested in Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach in order to create a multidisciplinary community of experienced and young scholars for exchanging ideas and building research collaborations. The experts invited as speakers and other senior researchers support the PhD students and the young scholars in developing their research. They will assist in defining relevant research topics and explain the complex and relevant links with other research streams close to their research topics. The Academy is organized by EU-InnovatE, a EU-funded interdisciplinary research project which addresses the obstacles and prospects for sustainable lifestyles and green economy in Europe.

View the presentation here (pdf).