Milestone: over 1.000 directors of social enterprises surveyed

SEFORÏS is proud to announce an important milestone: we have surveyed over 1.000 directors of social enterprises in China, Russia and the EU.

SEFORÏS has surveyed over 1.000 social enterprises across Europe, Russia and China. The survey will provide us with a bottom-up view that should help us better understand the role of social enterprise in leading to a more inclusive, innovative society.

"We are very proud to announce this important research milestone for SEFORÏS. 2016, therefore, looks hugely promising. I very much look forward to working with all of you, to help ensure that we make a big, positive impact on the research frontiers, as well as on actual social entrepreneurship and the ecosystems social enterprises rely on", says Marieke Huysentruyt, principal investigator and member of the SEFORÏS Academic Advisory Board and co-founder of Oksigen Lab.

Critical to the success of the survey was integrating the issue of context - how formal and informal institutions, social capital environment and resources affect social enterprise performance and vice versa. In conjunction with the analysis of governance, impact, financing and innovation, this should allow us to develop thoughtful insights for new policy geared toward social entrepreneurs and social innovation.

Country Reports

In the spring of 2016 SEFORÏS will publish country reports for each of the 9 participating countries. They will contain first analyses and profiling of social enterprises in the 9 countries separately. This will later lead to comparative analyses.