Oil2Wax makes people love their waste

Oil2Wax is changing the paradigm of recycling. This Portuguese social enterprise has developed a worldwide solution for innovative auto-recycling that allows anyone to make The Greatest Candle in the World at home, in a restaurant, hotel or anywhere by recycling used cooking oil into decorative and fragranced candles.

The environmental problem of used cooking oils poses challenges of water contamination, sewage clogging, filtering and energy consumption. Recycling, when it happens, still a process that occurs out of sight and hearts of those who put trash at the door. Someone handles the trash people generate and gets value from it. Currently, the recycling process is based in a model that is not sustainable, neither from the economic point-of-view nor from the environmental point-of-view and above all, people are not involved in that objective. 

Oil2Wax aims to change the current paradigm of recycling and is determined to "make people love their waste". This is the motto of this Portuguese social enterprise, established in 2012, and responsible for the development of a special powder based on natural ingredients which allows anyone to cook, in just two minutes, in the microwave a candle with sophisticated fragrances made with cooking oil. The Greatest Candle in the World, as it is called by its founders, is better than any other available on the market because is vegetable and therefore neutral in carbon emissions; lasts longer than a paraffin candle (petroleum based); has a clean and safe combustion and because it is made with recycled cooking oils, prevents the contamination of water.

In partnership with one of the leading brands of oil in Portugal, Oil2Wax developed an educational project at the national level whose mission is to introduce and aware the school community of this new approach to recycle. Teachers are invited to promote workshops for the creation of perfumed and colourful candles by using the tools and materials developed by Oil2Wax. This partnership intends to change behaviours to a more conscious society and motivated to actively participate in the recycling process.