Csimota publishes progressive children's books

Csimota is an innovative, dynamic publishing house in Hungary that specializes in progressive children's books. Csimota wants to emphasize topics as tolerance and acceptance, which are often omitted in the educational system. Besides the company provides the possibility to earn additional income and gain work experience for parents outside the traditional labor market.

In just 4 years Csimota managed to reach 20.000+ children, parents, and teachers while providing 142 women dignified income through the retail of books. There are three main ways how Csimota is creating social impact in Hungarian society.

Raising tolerance

Through its progressive books, Csimota makes a statement: literature, especially when paired with high quality illustrations, can be a highly effective agent of social change. It takes the proper setting and language to open a dialogue with children on specific topics that are sensitive or even taboo. Csimota does exactly that. The publisher strongly believes that its books are helping to raise important issues, by conveying information and values. Additionally it gives necessary support to adults who may be unsure of how to navigate these difficult conversations with children. By educating young generation, Csimota initiates long-lasting change.

Income for parents excluded from the labor market

The isolation of young mothers and their disadvantaged position in the labor market still remains a major problem in Hungarian society. In 2009, the Rainbow Book Community was launched to promote sensitive publications through a network of mothers and teachers across the country. The Rainbow Book Community works with stay-at-home mothers who wish to take a more active role in their communities, allowing them an opportunity to earn money despite their not choosing or being able to return to traditional forms of work. Through the network, mothers benefit from being involved in a company whose mission and products they can identify with.

The past 4.5 years have proven Rainbow's success, as its method of direct sales provides an efficient way to convey Csimota's message to buyers. Its distribution system further supports the sustainability of the publishing house. By involving stay-at-home mothers as partners, Csimota gives them the opportunity to further develop their expertise with regards to the education and development of their children, while at the same time supporting them as community figures who advocate for quality books.

The love of reading

Promotion of reading needs to become a top priority in Hungarian society as statistics show low reading level especially among children. As a first step in addressing this issue, Csimota introduced their reading program, Kameleon in 2011. The year-round curriculum is designed for children in grades 1 – 4. After the first pilot year, they offered it to schools across the country and managed to reach 500 participants. The model is simple, it asks children to fill out 4 worksheets based on extracts from books or whole stories during the school year. With each round they receive small presents, and at the end of the year all participants receive a book appropriate for their age and reading level. Kameleon has proven to popularize reading and spreading information about contemporary literature, authors, and illustrators.

More information: http://csimota.hu/ (Hungarian only)