SEFORїS Symposium at the Academy of Management

Upcoming SEFORїS Symposium at the Academy of Management, Chicago, on August 13, 2018, 3.00-4.30pm, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Ogden, session number 16515 “New Insights on Social Entrepreneurship and Hybridity from the SEFORΪS Project”

Symposium Abstract: Management and organizational researchers have taken a strong interest in ‘grand societal challenges’, that is, persistent social issues that often concern marginalized actors in society (e.g. George et al., 2016). Social enterprises are organizations that typically work to address such persistent societal issues from social exclusion, poverty to environmental degradation through engaging in market-based activities (Mair & Marti, 2006). Yet social enterprises also encounter challenges through being hybrids and anchored both in social welfare and economic logics (Battilana & Lee, 2014). The papers in this symposium interrogate hybridity in organizing, its outcomes and antecedents including those lying with the individual founding, managing and leading a social enterprise as well as those relating to organizational strategies and contexts. Specifically, they look at the questions such as (i) How different motives of nascent social entrepreneurs affect success? (ii) Are all the social entrepreneurs ‘changemakers’ or are there other distinct value profiles that exemplify social enterprise managers? (iii) What explains differences in beneficiary/customer orientation and governance practices among social enterprises, and when and why do these differences matter to organizational outcomes? And (iv) What drives success in cross-sector partnerships in which social enterprises are involved? To answer these questions, the papers rely on novel experimental, large-scale, cross-country comparable survey and granular case-study evidence on social enterprises