​Inna Kozlinska

Inna Kozlinska joined Aston Business School and the SEFORIS project team as a research associate in August 2016. Prior to that, she was involved in teaching research methods at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. In 2012-2013, Inna worked as a junior research fellow at the University of Tartu being responsible for implementation of the Central Balticum Entrepreneurship Interaction project. During doctoral studies, her research interests have been focused on evaluating the outcomes of entrepreneurship education with a special emphasis on comparisons between traditional and experiential interventions. Inna is completing a joint supervision PhD programme of the University of Tartu and the University of Turku. Alongside her academic path, Inna possesses a five-year industry experience in bank marketing having worked for one of the leading corporate and investment banks in Latvia. She is most passionate about new value creation for social and commercial purposes.

Wells (Zhiyuan) Zhao

Zhiyuan Zhao (Wells) - Researcher at NPI Social Entrepreneur Institute, contact: zhiyuan.zhao@npi.org.cn

Zhiyuan Zhao is a graduate student in Shanghai University Sociology Department's master's degree program. His research interests include organizational sociology, civil society, and social organizations. At NPI Social Entrepreneur Institute his main responsibility is scholarly research, including evaluation of the capacity building programs for social organizations. As a researcher for the SEFORIS program he wrote the SEFORIS country report for China, “The State of Social Entrepreneurship in China," and he works with the research section's project officer to carry out the case studies and other research tasks for the WP2 social enterprise case studies.

Emma von Essen

Emma is a PhD student at the Department of Economics at Stockholm University. The focus of her research is Behavioral Economics, Micro Econometrics and Experimental Economics exploring for example behaviors related to competitiveness, gender and social status. At Stockholm University Emma is a part of a research group focusing on Experimental Economics research. Emma has a Master in Social Science with major in economics from Uppsala University and a Bachelor in Statistics from Stockholm University. As part of the undergraduate studies she worked one semester at UNDP in Bratislava. Prior to joining SELUSI team Emma was a visiting PhD student at the Institute for Empirical Research in economics at Bonn University conducting experimental and behavioral research. Before starting her PhD together with friends Emma initiated a Social Venture focusing on enhancing older women’s participation in outdoor sports.

Topi Miettinen

Topi is Research Fellow at SITE. His research interests include microeconomic theory, game theory, and behavioural and experimental economics. He holds MSc in Social Sciences majoring economics at the University of Helsinki of which he spent the last year at Université des Sciences Sociales à Toulouse. He has a PhD in economics from University College London. During the last two years of his PhD he held a researcher position at RUESG, an Academy of Finland centre of excellence at the University of Helsinki. Prior to joining the SELUSI team at the Stockholm School of Economics, he spent two-years as a Post-doc at the Max Planck Institute of Economics in Germany where he strongly engaged in experimental economics research. He has been active in initiating the PCRC experimental laboratory in Turku, Finland, which was inaugurated in Spring 2009.

Sunčica Vujić

Sunčica is a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics (Managerial Economics and Strategy group at the Department of Management). Her main area of interest is quantitative research on socio-economic questions, in the fields of economics of crime, economics of education, behavioural economics, and health economics. Suncica holds a B.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, an MA degree from the Economics Department of the Central European University in Budapest, an M.Phil. degree from the Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam, and a Ph.D. degree from the Economics and Econometrics Departments of the Free University in Amsterdam. Her work experience includes posts at the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) of the London School of Economics, The Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB), and ORTEC Finance. She held lectureship positions at various universities: Free University Amsterdam (statistics, economics and econometrics), University of Freiburg (economics of education), University of Groningen (micro-econometrics and statistics). She also regularly gives Stata courses.

Emily Darko

Emily Darko is the Research and Evaluation Manager at UnLtd, where she leads a team of researchers who evaluate UnLtd programmes and conduct wider research into social entrepreneurship in the UK and beyond. Prior to UnLtd, she was a senior research officer at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), specialising on private sector development and social enterprise. Emily will project manage and deliver UnLtd's involvement in this research, acting as the first point of contact. She will be supported by Hannah Stranger-Jones, Head of Research and Design. Hannah, who joined UnLtd in 2013 having previously been the Head of Research at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, will provide project management support and quality assurance.

Orsolya Tarjanyi

Orsolya Tarjanyi (Orsi) is a Consultant at NESsT, overseeing the Romanian and Hungarian data collection of the SEFORIS research from Germany. Prior to the current project Orsi was a Business Development Senior Consulting Associate at NESsT in Budapest, and was responsible for the European consulting projects - donor relations, training and supporting for-profit and non-profit social enterprises in Europe, as well as participating in research projects and managing research analysts. Prior to joining NESsT in 2009, Orsi worked as a Project manager at an R&D company, she was running her own restaurant and had a 1 year Internship at GE. She speaks Hungarian, English, and B2 German. Orsi holds a Masters degree in International Business with a minor in Business Strategy from the University Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Laura Tóth

Laura Tóth, Enterprise Development Manager, NESsT, ltoth@nesst.org

Laura is the Enterprise Development Manager in Budapest office of NESsT and is responsible for supporting the development of NESsT activities within the Hungary portfolio. She has 6 years of experience working closely with Hungarian social enterprises to improve their business performance and increase their social impact. Prior to joining NESsT, Laura worked part-time for KPMG Hungary in the department of human resources, interned at ÉFOÉSZ (Hungarian Association for People with Intellectual Disability), and worked at summer camps in Hungary, the United States and the United Kingdom for children with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds. She speaks Hungarian, English, and some Spanish.

Laura holds a Masters degree in Business Management Studies with a minor in Regional Development from the Faculty of Business Administration at Corvinus University of Budapest.

Andreja Rosandić

Andreja is responsible for financial sustainability of the CEE region. Till 2013 she hold position of Enterprise Development Manager and was responsible for overseeing and managing planning, implementation, and evaluation of NESsT’s Portfolio in Croatia. Prior to joining NESsT, Andreja worked for five years at the Academy for Educational Development (AED) where she was responsible for managing a variety of small grants for various NGOs. She also worked on several EU projects, as an Evaluator for PHARE 2005 and 2006, as well as a Consultant in the field of Vocational Education. In addition, she worked for a year as an advocate of Children’s Rights. Andreja holds a Master of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Pedagogy from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. In addition, she has undergone various training programs in Communication, Supervision, Psychotherapy, Project Cycle Management, and Quality Assurance.

Roger (Sijia) Li

Roger is a Project Supervisor at NPI, where he works on the team that runs NPI's social enterprise focused programs. He is an analyst on the SEFORIS China team, which has successfully completed over 100 interviews with Chinese social enterprise directors.

In addition to his responsibilities with SEFORIS, Roger also helped to implement the J.P. Morgan Kunpeng Social Enterprise Accelerator, China's first nationwide accelerator program for growth-stage social enterprises. Roger has worked closely with multiple social enterprises, both within the context of NPI programs and also as a pro-bono consultant before he joined NPI in mid-2015.

Roger has a BA in English Language and Literature from Shanghai International Studies University and a Diploma in Accounting from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Before Joining NPI, he worked as an associate at Venture Avenue, one of the earliest impact investment funds in China and, before that, as an associate at Morgan Stanley.

Kathy (Qianlan) Cheng

Kathy is a Project Specialist at NPI, where she works on the team that runs NPI's social enterprise focused programs. She is an analyst on the SEFORIS China team, which has successfully completed over 100 interviews with Chinese social enterprise directors.

Kathy has an MA in Economics from the State University of New York at Buffalo (USA). Before joining NPI in early 2015, she worked as a market coordinator at a boutique healthcare market research firm. Kathy is quite interested in learning more about the development of social enterprises globally.

Denise (Xiaodan) Deng

Denise was a project supervisor at NPI up until April 2014, where she was a member of the SEFORIS team and also the evaluation officer for several other NPI programs. In addition to her responsibilities as an analyst—conducting interviews with Chinese social enterprise directors—Denise also has played a key role in the translation and localization of the SEFORIS surveys, as well as the preparation of the SEFORIS case study summaries.

Denise has a Master of Public Policy degree with a minor in Evaluation Studies from the University of Minnesota (USA). Before joining NPI in late 2014, she worked as an evaluator at the Science Museum of Minnesota, where she worked to build evaluation capacity within the museum. Denise is interested in NGO management, building evaluation capacity in NGOs and human development.

Contact: xiaodan.deng@npi.org.cn

Jennie (Chen) Lijing

Jennie was a project supervisor at Non-profit Incubator (NPI) up until mid-2015. While at NPI Jennie was the administrative coordinator for the SEFORIS project, arranging the 2014 Shanghai project meeting and helping to arrange interviews for the WP2 case studies.

Lijing Chen graduated from San Jose University (USA) with a degree in business administration and management. Before joining the NPI team, she worked for WINTEC, a Silicon Valley hardware company.

Austin Dempewolff

Austin is a program manager at Non-profit Incubator (NPI), where he leads a team that runs NPI's social enterprise focused programs. Austin has been a part of the SEFORIS project since joining NPI in 2014. He is the country manager for China with responsibilities including training analysts, supervising survey localization and overall project management.

In addition to his work with the SEFORIS project, Austin also co-designed and managed the J.P. Morgan Kunpeng Social Enterprise Accelerator, China's first nationwide accelerator program for growth-stage social enterprises. While implementing the accelerator, Austin work closely with over two dozen social enterprises and through this experience has become familiar with many of the challenges and opportunities facing Chinese social enterprises. Austin is passionate about finding ways to solve tough social problems and scale impact and sees social enterprise as a promising space for experimenting with new ideas and models.

Austin graduated from St. Lawrence University (USA) with a degree in Global Studies and a minor in Economics. He studied Chinese at St. Lawrence and also at East China Normal University. He has lived in China for 5 years, most recently in Shanghai.

Contact: austin.dempewolff@npi.org.cn

Windy (Yongfeng) Tan

Windy was a senior consultant at NPI in 2014 and advised the China team on matters including case selection, research methods and case analysis. She also conducted interviews for one of the WP2 cases after the lead analyst left NPI to continue his studies.

Windy has over 16 years of experience in business services, as a previous deputy department director at Shanghai Jiahua Marketing as well as a previous senior consultant for Interbrand (China). She has a PhD. in psychology from East China Normal University (ECNU) and is an external professor for ECNU's MBA Program and Psychology Department.

Audrey (Yan) Han

Audrey was the director of the Social Entrepreneurship Platform at Non-profit Incubator (NPI) up until mid-2015. She played a key role in preparation for NPI's participation in the SEFORIS consortium and in kicking off data-collection in China.

Audrey has an MBA from Newcastle Business School (UK). Prior to joining NPI she had worked in media, business and for an international NGO. Audrey specializes in the promotion of third-sector organizations, social resources integration strategy, crisis management and emergency management.

Vincent De Coninck

Vincent holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration specialization Marketing. He has worked for many years as a mar­ket­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tion con­sult­ant for social enter­pris­es and social prof­it organ­i­za­tions. In 2004, he cre­at­ed a com­pa­ny spe­cial­ized in import and dis­tri­bu­tion of organ­ic and fair trade wines. The aim was to com­bine his expert­ise in mar­ket­ing and also focus on social impact.

He's also co-founder of the Belgian network of social entrepreneurs, of which he's coordinator in 2013. He has been coaching and co-creating several social businesses in the past years. Vincent is part of i-propeller and OKSIGEN Lab for Social Entrepreneurship and an active player in the area of social innovation and has excellent relations with a number of key players in Belgium and abroad. 

Ira Lardinois

Ira Lardinois, project manager at i-propeller, contact: Ira.lardinois@oksigenlab.eu Ira started her professional career as a Human Resources Officer in a Belgian public telecom enterprise. She later joined the research and consultancy department of Agence Alter where she worked as a project leader on policy preparation and consultancy projects. Her work at Agence Alter was mainly focussed on social economy and public business support to entrepreneurs for different policy levels: regional, federal and European level. Ira contributed to the first Belgian bilingual newsletter on corporate social responsibility "Alter Business News" as author of several articles and as strategic advisor. At the end of 2004 Ira joined the cabinet of the Belgian Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Social Economy. She participated in the working group on CSR of the Inter-departmental Commission for Sustainable Development that produced the Belgian Reference Framework and Action Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility. She was amongst other responsible for different awareness raising projects on sustainable development and CSR. After some consultancy projects at Accenture in the CSR team and the field of change management she joined i-propeller and later on also Oksigen Lab as project manager. She is working on a range of social business innovation projects since 2009 for social enterprises, public authorities and other companies. Ira obtained a Master in Organizational Psychology and Human Resources in 2000 at the University of Ghent in Belgium.

Marieke Huysentruyt

Marieke Huysentruyt, co-founder of Oksigen Lab and i-propeller focusing on R&D, contact: Marieke.huysentruyt@oksigenlab.eu

Marieke is Assistant Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics (SITE) and Faculty Fellow at the London School of Economics (Managerial Economics and Strategy group at the Department of Management). Her main research fields are poverty, and behavioural and organizational economics.

She currently leads a team of three post-docs and several research assistants who work with her on a large EU-funded project on social entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe. She also works with one full-time research collaborator based at the Centre for Social Policy in Antwerp on the topic of poverty and financial services delivery.

Marieke has a Bio-Engineering Degree from the Catholic University of Leuven, an MSc. in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University, and PhD in Economics form the London School of Economics. She has been invited to spend time at Harvard University and the Santa Fe Institute as a visiting scholar, and collaborated with numerous development NGOs e.g. in Kenya, Mali, the Netherlands and the UK.

Marieke has been awarded various academic awards, including a Fulbright Scholarship, British Council Scholarship, and LSE-Columbia University Collaborative Research Grant.

Luca Mongelli

Luca Mongelli is a Post-Doc Research Fellow at LUISS Guido Carli (Rome). During his career he has been visiting at the Royal School of Technology in Stockholm, and at the Stern Business School of New York University. In LUISS he has been part of the LUISS Task-Force for the EQUIS accreditation, working to the launch of the ERSHub (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability). He is currently involved in the coordination of the ERSHub, and in the program "Social Start-up Impact Contest". His two main research streams are technological innovation, where he studies firms' reactions to discontinuous technological shift; and business models of social enterprises, where he deals with hybrid organizations and institutional logics, and with the identification of market-driven activities which allow the empowerment of marginalized individuals.