Austin Dempewolff

Austin is a program manager at Non-profit Incubator (NPI), where he leads a team that runs NPI's social enterprise focused programs. Austin has been a part of the SEFORIS project since joining NPI in 2014. He is the country manager for China with responsibilities including training analysts, supervising survey localization and overall project management.

In addition to his work with the SEFORIS project, Austin also co-designed and managed the J.P. Morgan Kunpeng Social Enterprise Accelerator, China's first nationwide accelerator program for growth-stage social enterprises. While implementing the accelerator, Austin work closely with over two dozen social enterprises and through this experience has become familiar with many of the challenges and opportunities facing Chinese social enterprises. Austin is passionate about finding ways to solve tough social problems and scale impact and sees social enterprise as a promising space for experimenting with new ideas and models.

Austin graduated from St. Lawrence University (USA) with a degree in Global Studies and a minor in Economics. He studied Chinese at St. Lawrence and also at East China Normal University. He has lived in China for 5 years, most recently in Shanghai.