Marlene Amorim

Marlene Amorim - University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal, contact:

Marlene Amorim is a professor at the Department of Economics Management and Industrial Engineering at the University of Aveiro and collaborates as an invited professor at the Catholic University in Porto for the courses and research in the field of Innovation in Services. She received her PhD degree in Management from IESE Business School of University of Navarra in Spain, and had completed a Master degree in Management of Science Technology and Innovation from the University of Aveiro and a degree in Economics from the University of Porto. Marlene conducts research in the area of service operations and service quality, notably in topics related to service process design and customer participation in service delivery and collaborates also as a professor and a project advisor for the innovation and entrepreneurship training courses offered every year by the University of Aveiro to university researchers for promoting new business development and start-ups. In recent years Marlene Amorim has led applied projects for the development of social innovation services. Currently she is collaborating with local municipalities in tailored education programs for entrepreneurship and social innovation, as well as business organizations such as the local port authority for the definition of a social innovation agenda for the region.