Orsolya Tarjanyi

Orsolya Tarjanyi (Orsi) is a Consultant at NESsT, overseeing the Romanian and Hungarian data collection of the SEFORIS research from Germany. Prior to the current project Orsi was a Business Development Senior Consulting Associate at NESsT in Budapest, and was responsible for the European consulting projects - donor relations, training and supporting for-profit and non-profit social enterprises in Europe, as well as participating in research projects and managing research analysts. Prior to joining NESsT in 2009, Orsi worked as a Project manager at an R&D company, she was running her own restaurant and had a 1 year Internship at GE. She speaks Hungarian, English, and B2 German. Orsi holds a Masters degree in International Business with a minor in Business Strategy from the University Maastricht, the Netherlands.