Clara My Lernborg

Clara My is a PhD Student at the Department of Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics since 2013. She received her Master's degree in Marketing & Strategy from the same university in 2010. In the mean time she has worked with development aid, CSR and Marketing. Her research interests involve sustainability initiatives, governance and social entrepreneurship. She is currently a research assistant at Stockholm Institute for Transition Economics (SITE) at Stockholm School of Economics, as well as assisting Christine in the SEFORïS data collection in Sweden for WP3.

Christine Alamaa

Christine Alamaa,

Christine is a master’s student at Stockholm University with planned graduation in the autumn of 2014. At Stockholm University she is also teaching both micro- and macroeconomics for undergraduates. Her areas of interest are: Development Economics, Behavioural Economics, Economics of Inequalities and applied Econometrics. Recently she has been working as an intern at the United Nations in New York with focus on project evaluation and former years as a Risk Analyst at the Asset Manager at a Swedish insurance company. Christine is included in the SEFORïS project at SITE, Stockholm School of Economics.

Davis Plotnieks

Davis Plotnieks,

Davis Plotnieks is completing a Ph.D. in Economics degree at the University of Latvia. His main research interests cover innovation, new financial instruments and social entrepreneurship, in particular social finance, crowdfunding and innovation management. He works as a research analyst in the SEFORïS project at SITE, Stockholm School of Economics. Davis has worked, conducted research, and studied in several countries, including Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland and Latvia where he originally comes from. Currently he also works as a Lecturer of Business Management at the BA School of Business and Finance (Riga, Latvia), where he teaches master programmes, most recently "Innovation Management". He has obtained over 10 years of experience in management consulting and marketing working for organisations in private, public and non-profit sector. He is also a co-founder and board member of non-profit TEDxRiga.

Timotheos Mavropoulos

Timotheos Mavropoulos,

Timotheos Mavropoulos is completing a Ph.D. in Finance degree at the Stockholm School of Economics. His research interests include real estate finance, behavioral finance and social entrepreneurship with the focus on social enterprises' financing. He has worked as a research assistant at the Central Bank of Sweden and has participated at the Handbook of the Economics of Finance. He is also a teaching assistant for corporate finance and international financial management courses.

Bogdan Prokopovych

Bogdan Prokopovych,

Bogdan Prokopovych holds a PhD in Management from the College of Business at the University of Rhode Island and a Masters in Public Policy and Management from the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on the role of organizations in fostering market-based responses to environmental and societal challenges in both emerging and developed economies. Bogdan is originally from Ukraine and has worked, conducted research, and studied in several countries, including Sweden, Germany, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. His professional work experience includes managing a non-profit media advocacy organization and working at the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group.

Chloe Le Coq


“Chloé Le Coq is Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics-SITE. Her research areas are industrial organization and behavioral economics. She works on topics related to energy markets, anti-trust policy, and consumer financial behavior. She holds a PHD in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and a Doctorat from University Paris 1. She has held visiting positions at University of Purdue, the University of California Energy Institute at Berkeley, and National Singapore University. “

Ina Ganguli

Ina Ganguli, E-mail:, Homepage:

Ina Ganguli is an Assistant Professor at SITE at the Stockholm School of Economics. Ina is a labor economist and her research interests include innovation, immigration, and gender issues. Her recent research has focused on understanding the formation of scientific collaborations and uses field experimental methods. Ina is also fellow of the Center for International Development and the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences at Harvard University. She was previously a U.S. Embassy Policy Specialist in Russia, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan, a Fulbright Scholar in Ukraine, and a Bundestag International Parliamentary Program Fellow in Germany. Ina holds a PhD in Public Policy from Harvard University, a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University.