Data sharing policy

Seforïs is committed to sharing datasets with no fees. To ensure the dataset is of highest quality it will be accessible through the Seforïs website in April 2020, after the collection and processing of the surveys, interviews and in-depth case studies.

Firstly, a dataset of 1000 social enterprise across Europe, Russia and China based on surveys and standardized telephone interviews. A fully anonymized version of this dataset will be available for free download from the project website together with a codebook and the original survey instruments. Potential users of the dataset will be asked to register on the website and supply a short description of their indented use, to be able to trace the use and impact of the dataset.

Secondly, a qualitative dataset containing information on the 25 in-depth case studies. We are dedicated to open access to ensure transparent and widest possible access of data for research purposes and hope to set new standards. We suggest a controlled access procedure: use of pseudonyms and delete information that would allow tracing participants. We will ask interested future users to supply information on the intended use of the dataset, to set out how they will ensure confidentiality and anonymity, and to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The third type of data collected through Seforïs is tied to the Community Innovation Surveys (KU Leuven). Researchers wanting to use these data will need to submit a formal request to the Steering Committee of ECOOM. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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