Below you can find SEFORÏS reports, listing all countries in which one of the members of the consortium operates. The reports offer a preview of the many more findings and policy recommendations to come in the SEFORÏS project. 

Policy Briefs

Governance Of Social Enterprises 

Measuring Social Innovation In The Community Innovation Survey: Experience And Evidence From The CIS2015 Conducted In Flanders

Mixing and Matching: The Driving Forces Behind Financing Modes Of Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises, An Economic Force For Building More Inclusive Societies?: Evidence From The SEFORÏS Study

Context and Social Enterprises: Which Environments Enable Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprises, Social Inclusion And Positive Social Change

Reports 2016

Between April 201 5 and December 201 5, the SEFORÏS consortium surveyed over 1 000 social enterprises in Hungary, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Russia and China. As a result, and thanks to diligent cooperation from social enterprises and funding from the European Union, we have been able to launch the world’s largest and most rigorous panel database on social enterprises. This report presents key findings from China and is the first report on Chinese social enterprises drawing upon a sample carefully designed to ensure representativeness.

SEFORÏS Cross-Country Report 2016

Country Reports 2016


Reports 2014

The reports are partially based upon results from this project's predecessor SELUSI, and share experiences and insights of 550 social enterprises, on various topics e.g. organization, management and innovation. More than that, these reports are also designed to help the social enterprises to benchmark their venture against fellow social enterprises in their country. To facilitate reading, reports have been rearranged by the following themes: key facts and figures of social entrepreneurship, organization of social enterprises in market and society, financing of social enterprises, innovations of social enterprises and impact of social enterprises. Additionally, you can find a report that collects all distinct executive summaries.